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First Snow

Winter scene by dan /free digital images First snow on the tip of the Cape.  Tiny stars of flakes that have grown larger in the half hour I’ve been watching them, drifting in a dance of their own. No wonder Tchaikovsky composed the Nutcracker, because the snow today is a child-like ballet, full of quiet wonder that captivates as it builds to scene after scene.  The snow remains delicate, twirling–a most extraordinary snow or am I watching […]

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On a Different Schedule

Having returned from reading Bhanu Kapil’s brilliant Was Jack Kerouac a Punjabi blog, I realized how far I’ve come from the planning of my days to a semester’s schedule.  At this time last year, or even this year, if I were teaching in Illinois, I would be handing in my final grades, asking a friend to water plants, and heading home for the holidays with a copy of my Spring […]

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The Order of Words

Diane's rose

The reason for my move to this seaside town is that my name was pulled out of a hat, real or metaphorical, as one of two recipients for  three-year residencies courtesy of The Fine Arts Work Center, providing affordable housing for artists and writers.  I’m told only four people applied for the two spots, which gave me a 50% chance, but in any case, more ex-Fellows ought to apply because […]

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