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llustration by Maja Misevic-Kokar, from “One Thousand And One Nights” (2 volumes), translated from French into Serbian by Stanislav Vinaver, published by Matica Srpska, Novi Sad, 1989. But you’ve always had faith in stories? It is what I do. I mean, if you are a carpenter you have faith in carpentry.                               ~Salman Rushdie interview by Tim […]

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What I’m Reading Now

Getting a copy of a novel you’ve read by one of your favorite authors must be one of those treats like ice cream on a hot afternoon.  I stumbled across a discounted hardback of P.D. James’ The Private Patient, published in 2008.  What was I doing in 2008?  Why did I not pick up this plum immediately?  In the bookstore, I asked myself, had I read this before?  I must […]

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It’s Raining Men–I mean, Pollen

Outside, the wind rained pollen as if a laughing god was giving presents to allergy sufferers.  It can take three years for a body to become allergic to local pollen, so the place called home suddenly becomes a place to keep the windows shut.  Can July’s heat stop the shower? The rose bush started to bloom–vivid red.     Kate Bush has a new album. Here is an old song […]

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More Books!

I haven’t started packing yet–that’s for next month.  What I’m doing is sorting.  I went through my bookshelves and filled five boxes of books.  I took them to the used book stores and got rid of perhaps a third.  Now they will head for the garage sale I plan to have. I went through my cds and sorted out a fifth to leave behind.  Half the albums will stay as […]

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