on gardening

Butchart red tulip

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I have been of two minds of putting in a garden this season.  I most likely will.  There’s rosemary and oregano to plant; and nasturtium, cosmos, and feverfew seeds.  I still have to put into the ground the English daisies, violas, and columbines.  One perfect red tulip bloomed, after the daffodils, from the bulbs I put in, and the iris might bloom again.

I have been of two minds because I might not see the all the results if I were to move, yet how selfish.  When I first saw my home of several years, I sat down at a bench or chair in the minuscule backyard.  A locust tree, shaped like a Japanese cherry, flowered above.  I looked ahead and felt more peaceful than I had in days.  A peace garden is what I’ll plant.

2 thoughts on “on gardening

  1. Maryann Calendrille

    We might never see all the results of the creative work we do in this world. But isn’t it just great to do the work that beautifies the world! Who knows who might be reading your novels just now in some corner of a library or a park somewhere? How lovely to plant a peace garden. Surely peace will flourish from there.



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