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Resisting Yoga

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One of the best yoga studios in the world is around the corner from me, and I used to go regularly.  Since March, however, I’ve been resisting it.  I wanted my mornings for writing, and by the time the afternoon rolled around, I was too weary to go.  I did suffer from a flu that had me miss classes I’d especially signed up for, but what is my resistance to […]

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In the meantime there was hail

I had the idea that since it was cold, I could bake a lasagna, and set off to get ricotta and cheese. The store that used to be an independent then a Wild Oats then a Whole Foods and now is back to being an independent was the one I chose. Wandering around, disappointing the young man who wanted me to try hummus, possibly even insulting him by not trying […]

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cape cod

Cape cod is my new destination.  I’m trying to imagine the beach, the figures in the early morning leaning against buildings in town as I make my way to get morning coffee.  How will I know which cafe will stay option all year?  Which will welcome my laptop, my need for quiet and company?  The winter light, the early morning misty pink sunrises and the dark heavy red sunsets, the […]

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and without coffee

Yesterday I had a perfect day.  It is May, and clouds are gathering now to tease with rain that most likely won’t fall.  Yet I did water the garden… In my quiet nook of the woods, waking refreshed after a few days struggle with flu, I had my first day of no-work at my disposal.  The best part was that I did not realize this until mid-day.  No need to correct anything, […]

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