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Stumbling through my eyes

La Vase Paille, Oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm - The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

      That’s what I read, but the sentence I read really said “Istanbul” not “Stumbling.”  What I thought it said sounds like a song by Gilbert O’Sullivan (Stumblin’ thru my eyes/  what a big surprise/ I thought I knew but what I knew I never really knew/Alone Again/ Natur’ly.)     Speaking of Istanbul, my brilliant friend and poet, Lillias Bever is the author of Bellini in Istanbul, […]

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after done

What does one do after the project is done?  I think you start a new one.  It’s like making a habit of reading books at bedtime.  If you find yourself without, you look woefully at the seed catalogues and magazines, but they just leave your mind more awake.  What you need is a good novel. My next book of fiction.  I think the way to do it is write in […]

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New Beans

Victrola Beans A new year begins, full of promise, hope and expectation.  Two thousand years and counting, and more before, in this  life. Recently, I compared my work to speeding along, in a canoe.  Zephyr (?) used to blow gentle winds to help the vessel stay on course, and the Ancient Greeks weren’t foolish to disregard the eyes of the gods above, despite the posturing of Odysseus and most of the […]

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