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Winter Soltice Moonrise Over Pond

The sky and the snow have certainly put on a show here on the East Coast. Huge drifts of the accumulated 24″-29″ look like sand dunes, if sand dunes were white. While neighbors used snowplows, my brother and I cleared out his driveway. Okay, I did 1/16 of a quarter of the work, but I certainly lent moral support. My niece says, rightly, in reading a bit of my manuscript […]

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Another Entrance

3doors &more

Yesterday, I had dinner with two friends.  Instead of the planned frittata which morphed into an omelet, we wound up with angel hair pasta, blue potatoes, greens & cookies.  Only the potatoes, for me, struck out.  Cozied by wine, I asked to read an excerpt of my novel-in-progress.  Unfair question.  I read what I haven’t ever read aloud, and the words felt odd, too slow on my tongue at times. […]

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