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Paris and poetry

“O Paris, I am so lonely in you!” wrote my friend Megan when we were both in college. I love her poetry, getting to the heart of the matter all at once, as once when she wrote, “I’m poeted out.” I have been blogged out but Megan urges me to write. I read recently that to indulge in daydreams is to emerge sadder into reality. Dreaming it will snow might […]

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Fifty is Fabulous

Fifty sacks of rice fifty petit fours fifty dancing Ganeshas fifty sun salutes plus another fifty plus eight fifty great novels to read fifty massages fifty Cadbury’s fruit and nut bars fifty Chocoloves with sea salt fifty full moons fifty new moons fifty brand new comic books fifty acres of farmland fifty new episodes of “House” fifty jasmine buds fifty pieces of magenta chalk fifty friendship bracelets

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