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  I received a pumpkin from one of the realtors who always delivers pumpkins to the neighborhood.  Mine is a small, lovely green stripy orange one,  and true to form, a squirrel already nibbled a bit. A little nibble that must have been interrupted.  I took the pumpkin in, cut out the bitten part, set it in the yard for the squirrel to finish, while I hoarded the pumpkin in […]

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wild plums

wild plums © Marek Kosmal |

        It is our first really cold day here.  Fingerless glove weather, wrap a scarf around your neck weather.  At the Farmers Market I finally got my knives sharpened, and bought okra, spinach, strawberries, peppers, chili, mushrooms and a pumpkin.  The pumpkin I’m going to try in an Indian dish.  It’s the time of the Nine Day Festival in South India, when doll displays are built, chickpeas […]

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under the umbrella


I was away for a couple of weeks during the Late August/Labor , fixed, Day holiday, so I brought down the garden umbrella.  It’s a sad affair, with a broken splints which I tried to reattach vainly with a handmade splint.  Getting caught up with work, I never got around to opening the umbrella and let it sit unbothered in the heat that took its toll on the herbs. The […]

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