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Iris Bloom

June 1 & the iris has bloomed!  The first time in three summers.  I am overjoyed. It’s a pale white one with a yellow center. It could be English Cottage crossed with Copyright, or Angelic Wings. It might even be Brother Carl. Nordica is also a possibility. definitely not Beverly in White, who is a cotillion debutante with frills. I expected violet of course.

Did it bloom overnight? What a surprise this morning to see it fully, unless it lowers its arms tomorrow.

I finished the manuscript. It made me very happy, and then a bit restless–the post-writing blues? Then the iris bloomed.

drawings by William Rickatson Dykes, 1913

  1. Farmer Amy #

    I am so excited that you finished your manuscript! What a huge accomplishment!


    June 3, 2010
  2. Indira, Congratulations on finishing your manuscript! Obviously the tulip and iris are happy for you too!


    June 4, 2010

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