Coming across a recommended blog (recommended by WordPress),I was surprised to see an image of my second novel.  The writer had read it, to pass the time, she said, and described the plot.  She then said, possibly yawning, that there was little in it to impress her.  She moved on to talk about Isabel Allende….

tofu on the radio

A long time ago, I volunteered at Outermost Community Radio, WOMR-FM, in Provincetown.  My friend Kathy Shorr gave me her show, Monday First Light, and I rose at dawn, dragged a bunch of LP’s to the station, and played music from 6am-9am. I was very, very happy. Then, Denya LeVine suggested we do a show…

waiting for snow

Not until Tuesday, they forecast, and flurries at that.  But the sky outside looks like –ah, it’s changed since I last looked up, and now the blue is showing.  Wanting snow on a Sunday is akin to wanting a holiday on top of a holiday.  For me, snow frees up thinking.  Oh, what could I…

Chennai Now

The sky is gray today, but the sun is poking through.  I thought to create a blog would be an experiment in essays.  It’s an indulgence really. Recently, I went to India, after an absence of thirty years.  Everyone as asked, how did I find the changes?  First, Madras is no longer Madras but Chennai….